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Garden Layout

We host a great deal of worldwide tropical and dry tropical plants, arranged by their botanical relationships for better understanding of their interconnectedness, families, and orders.


Focusing on rare, endangered plants and their varieties, as well as useful plants; edible, medicinal, construction, fibers, etc. We promote  and propagate botanical diversity.


The garden features over 3000 plant species from tropical and subtropical regions of the world on 11 acres of land. The property is situated near the Tropic of Cancer on the East Cape of Baja California Sur, Mexico.



Our collections include the species of the Zingiberales order, together with those of the Commelinales order, that are thought to have evolved around 80 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous:


The garden also has many productive and mature FRUIT TREES, including:


Tropical Cherry, Eugenia uniflora

  • Mangos unusual and rare varieties.

  • Bananas (over 23 varieties like brazilian apple, cuban red, java blue, ice cream banana), citrus (incl. citrus maxima, tangelos, mandarines, sweet lime).

  • Papayas (mexican and hawaiian varieties), sapotes (chico, mamey, chocolat, yellow, white, etc.), tropical cherries (Pitangas and acerolas),  passion fruit (Red and Yellow)

  • Tamarind (viennamesse sweet and mexican)

  • Macadamias guavas (strawberry, lemon, malaysian) and other within a rare and endanged species of clumper bamboos, neem and legume trees.

  • Grains like chia and amaranth.

CULINARY AND MEDICINAL HERBS including rosemary, lemon grass, siberian ginseng, ginger, lippia dulcis, Curry tree, pepper mint, chiles, basil and many others

NATURAL CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL CROPS: Clumper Bamboo, Palms, Palo de Arco and others


RARE AND ENDANGERED SPECIES of Cycads, Palms, Rain of Gold, Aloes (over 200 species), Aguadias, Pachapodiums and many others.


The ideal warm and dry tropical conditions of the land, together with the abundant water table, allow a great diversity of crops and trees to produce seeds, making this site a prolific living seed bank.


You can participate in the preservation of botanical diversity by hiring our services of Edible Landscape Design and/or acquiring our Nursery Plants and Organic Seeds.



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